Evergreen 2013 now accepting conference and workshop proposals

We are now accepting proposals for Evergreen 2013! We are going to have an amazing program with sessions to engage the full range of participants in Vancouver next year: end users, librarians, developers, system administrators, managers and organizations considering Evergreen as their ILS.

The theme this year is Open Library Ecosystem. Use this as a starting point and interpret it broadly when thinking of proposals. The conference will have two streams consisting of 30 and 45 minute sessions. We would love to see proposals featuring folks with different skill sets – cataloguers, system administrators, developers, serials wizards. We’d also love to see people from different consortia present together: like software trainers from across the community. Open up and share your stories and experiences – we want to hear them!

We’re trying something different this year. We hope to have about three 2-hour tutorial workshops on a specific technical topic. They will be hands-on and may require some skill prerequisites and possibly some setup homework to do before the session. These workshops will be led by people within the Evergreen community, as well as inviting experts to teach us what they know. We want to hear what technical topics you want to attend, or one that you may want to lead.

Call for submissions and workshop ideas are open until October 31, 2012.

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